For those of you who never met me, this page gives you an  idea of who I am and what I'm about. Throughout this web site I have been referred to as Charles J. Maley, yeah that's the name my parents gave me and that's the name I use when referring to myself in a professional sense. Everyone else who knows me on personal level, knows me as just plain Chuck. When I am hired as a photographer, I take my assignment seriously and Charles J. Maley sounds pretty damn serious. The rest of the time I'm just Chuck. If you choose to have me work for you, I'll be working as Charles J. Maley but I hope you will know me and refer to me as Chuck or Charlie.

I guess photography has always been in my blood, I was probably born with an eye for taking photos. My grandfather had a dark room in his basement that I was fascinated with as a child. He also took an old Keystone super eight movie camera with him on every trip or short excursion we would go on. When I was eight years old, I was given his old Brownie which I immediately used to take black and white photos of my younger sister. My mom still has those photos in her album.

My own archive of photos dates back to my junior high school days. I still have some photos of the infamous Blizzard of '77.

In 1984 I started to take small jobs, getting paid by friends of friends who liked my "eye" and needed catalog pictures for their businesses. Friends and relatives were getting married and were asking me for favors all the time. Shooting weddings became second nature after a year. Even though I took a semester of photography at the University at Buffalo, I consider myself a self taught photographer. I feverishly read every photography book I could get my hands on in the mid eighties. Taking great photos became my passion.

Even though I taught myself the technical side of photography, I went to work for another professional photographer for five years from 1988-1992, to learn more about the business side. It was here that I learned how to interact with subjects on their level to achieve great portraiture.

I believe all work and no play makes for heart attacks and strokes. When I play I enjoy it to the fullest. I used to have Buffalo Bills season tickets from 1988-2003. I was there for the whole Super Bowl thing and we use to take that truck to all the games back then. Those were the days, man.



That's my bike to the right. I enjoy riding but I don't seem to get the time to ride as much as I used too. A lot of my riding time gets taken up by golf. I'm working on a way to ride Harley's on the golf course. I feel that that will be the next big thing.

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