Like a fine meal, several key ingredients go into creating a high quality portrait. First of all, careful attention to the lighting is essential in achieving a high quality finished product. The wrong lighting could wash out the skin tones, throw harsh, unflattering shadows onto the subject's face or the lighting could be to dark, rendering the photo, flat and unimpressive to view. Secondly, composition of the subject in the frame is also key to the over all appeal of the photo. Showcasing the subjects main attributes and eliminating all distractions that take the eye away from the subject is paramount in creating a pleasing portrait. Thirdly, but by no means any less important than the first two keys is the expression of the subject. This may be the most important key of all to creating a stunning portrait. Even if the lighting and composition are outstanding in every way, how good is a portrait if the subject looks uncomfortable and tense in the photo?

The key to achieving all of these goals is time, experience and talent. Charles J. Maley combines his skill in the studio with an easy going, relaxing, patient demeanor that mixed with personal creative touches creates some of the most pleasing portraits out there today. Charles takes the time to get to know his subjects. Not only is it important to know what you want in a portrait but also it is important to get to know what you as an individual are all about. When one looks at a portrait of one's self, we want to see what we perceive as the best side of ourselves. It is the photographer's duty to get to know and see that side of the subject and let it come out in a print. As you can see by these examples, Charles J. Maley achieves this goal every time.

We don't just limit ourselves to two legged subjects. Our pets are pampered and loved at home. Their portraits should be done with the same love and care.

The Western New York area has produced more than a few professional models. Did you know that super models Beverly Johnson and Carol Ault both hailed from Western New York? Whether your aspiring to be a super model or just want to look like one, let Charles J. Maley help you achieve that hot look for your portfolio.

We also do promotional photos and posters for bands, businesses and special events.

On site photography or special assignments aren't a problem. Some of the most memorable times I've had has been on assignment.