A quality youth sports program enriches the lives of not only the participants involved, the players, coaches and parents but also the community as a whole. Youth sports helps build character as it enhances self esteem and teaches children to work together as a team to achieve common goals. A quality youth sports photography program not only provides those involved with a record of that experience but also helps enhance the overall positive experience that a youth sports program provides.

At Charles J. Maley Photography  we've developed a  time tested, affordable sports photography program that combines innovative products that create fun and enthusiasm among the participants, a flexible pricing policy that can be tailored to fit anybody's budget and a hassle free system that doesn't strain the time and patience of those involved. Return time on the photos only takes a few weeks so as the participants can see their photos and trade their trading cards before the season is over.

To get your league  or dance school involved in a rewarding relationship with Charles J. Maley Photography and these fine products, simply set up a meeting with Charles so as he can personally discuss with you your organization's individual needs and wants.

Use the e mail link below to let us know how, when and where we may contact you and arrange a meeting.

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